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Model 5700

NUCON 5700 GAS CHROMATOGRAPH is simple, rugged, most reliable instrument being used in Industry and Research for routine Q.C. and Research application. Standard outfit is with Dual Injector with option of adding one additional Injector. It can house three Detectors simultaneously. With Dual Channel Data Station, two Detectors can be operated simultaneously. Single Ramp Temperature Programming with Initial Hold Time upto 99 min. and programming rate from 0.1 Deg.C. to 30 Deg.C. With Glass Lined Injector, Quartz Jet FID and Glass Column, it becomes all Glass System which makes it specially suitable for Labile compounds like Alkaloids, Steriloid, VFA, etc. Capillary Inlet for split / splitless Injection, Mass Flow controller for Carrier Gas, Gas Sampling Valve, Head Space Attachments are options available. Options of Detectors FID, TCD, ECD, TID and PID is available.
It is a modular system with option of adding additional Injector, Detector, Capillary Attachment, Head Space Attachment etc. as and when required. Instrument can be configured either for Single Packed Column or Dual Packed Column or Single Capillary Column or Dual Capillary Column.
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Model 5765

NUCON 5765 GAS CHROMATOGRAPH is advance version with Microprocessor Temperature Controller with Multi Ramp Temperature Programming, Auto Cooling making it possible to operate 10 degree C above ambient for special applications like NEPTHA.

Temperature Controller / Programmer with keyboard entry of Process Parameter and Time Functions with user friendly software in ROM.
Method Development facility and Electricity Failure backup. Auto Start for Temperature Programming and Data Station with one switch for reproducible Retention Time in multiple runs.

Provision for upgradation for future expansion. Optional E.P.C. for the flow/ pressure of carrier gas.
Provision for fixing three Injectors and three Detectors. Capable of operating two detectors simultaneously with Dual Channel Data Station. Modular in construction with option of adding Methaniser, Head Space Attachment and Manual / Auto Gas Sampling Valve. It has Non Volatile Memory for 10 Methods profiles.

All Glass System with Glass Column, Glass lines Injector and Quartz Jet FID.
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Model 5765 EPC

NUCON 5765 EPC GAS CHROMATOGRAPH is the advanced version of Model 5765 Gas Chromatograph incorporating Electronic Pressure and Flow Controls for fine adjustment and accurate gas controls. User can set Pressure or Flow Controls on panel and observe the actual value on Digital Display. The gas settings are easy to set and repeatable. Gas settings are custom configurable as per application and a mix of Pressure and Flow Controls can be provided for both channels of the gas chromatographs.
Standard Pressure range is 0-60 psi. Calibration in Kpa or Kg/cm2 can also be provided on request. Standard Flow Range is 0 to 100 ml/min Nitrogen. User can specify his Flow Range and gas. Please contact factory for custom configuration.

For rapid analysis and higher resolution an option of Pressure Programming is offered where user can build a specific Pressure Profile with Lapsed time, by selecting hold times and Pressure Ramp rates in discrete psi/min setting.
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Model 5900

Dedicated, Simple, Rugged and most reliable Gas Chromatograph with almost Zero Defect, for the analysis of Dissolved Gases in Transformer Oil.

Dissolved Gas analysis of the Transformer Oil (TOGA) is used as a diagnostic tool to detect internal fault in Power Transformer while in operation. This analysis has gained considerable importance and popularity. To meet the increasing demand Nucon introduced this model exclusively suitable for TOGA under guidelines of Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, at low cost.
This is a dedicated instrument with three Injectors, One FID and two TCD. FID is used for detection of Methane, Ethylene, Ethane and Acetylene, TCD-1 for Carbon Dioxide and TCD-2 for Hydrogen.

Sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability of this instrument is excellent.

System is supplied with complete set of spares and accessories required for TOGA analysis. Spares like Gas Extraction Apparatus, Hamilton Gas Tight Syringes are available Ex-Stock.
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