Gas Analysers

Gas Analysers

Thermal Conductivity Gas Analysers

Model 4235P

Thermal Conductivity is a basic property of gas related to ability to conduct heat. At one end are gases like Hydrogen and Helium that are good conductors; at other end are Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide that do not conduct well. In Reference Channel a pure gas is introduced while the Sample Channel carries the sample. The signal produced is proportional to the difference in Thermal Conductivity between the two channels.

Model 4235PP

NUCON MODEL 4235P is available is Split Form - separate Analyser Flow Module and Electronics Module or in Single Housing. It can be used for both Panel Mounting and Bench Top applications.

It is possible to carry out Gas Purity Checks, Mixture Composition Estimation and also Safety Monitoring. Eg. Oxygen in Hydrogen where it is widely known as Katharometer.
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      Model ASF6

NUCON ASF6 ANALYSER is designed to detect Air % and Moisture Dew Point of SF6 gas by taking a tapping of pressurised gas from circuit breaker and running through the analyzer, passing in the moisture and air detectors in series. The instrument can be used for both Online and Portable applications. Recorder output is available as 0-1 V DC (standard) or 4-20 mA (optional). It requires 220 V AC mains power.
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      Model 4235T

NUCON ONLINE GAS ANALYSER MODEL 4235T has been designed to monitor Cooling gas Hydrogen and Purge gases for Turbo Generators to ensure efficient and safe operation. It is based on the principle of Thermal Conductivity and has three switch selectable ranges :
  • 85-100% Hydrogen in Air during normal generator operation
  • 0-100% Hydrogen in CO2 & 0-100% Air in CO2 during maintenance purging
It is available in option of Panel Mounting or Wall Mounting versions.
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