Gas Analysers

Gas Analysers

Total Hydrocarbon Analysers

NUCON makes Gas Analysers for many gases and a variety of applications in industries :
NUCON SERIES 4800 TOTAL HYDROCARBON ANALYSER monitors on-line or in sampling mode the Hydrocarbon content of atmosphere or a gas stream in laboratory or im plant using proven Fame Ionization Detector (FID). The FID has a small hydrogen flame in which hydrocarbons ionize during combustion, producing a current proportional to concentration. The instrument can be adapted to both Panel Mounting and Bench Top uses. A user preset HI Alarm is provided
  • EPA Method Compliance Monitoring
  • Ambient Atmosphere Monitoring
  • Carbon Bed Breakthrough Detection
  • Solvent Recovery System Control
  • Monitoring Ammonia Manufacturing Processes
  • Monitoring Hydrogen in the manufacture of
    alcohols produced using the Oxo-process.
  • Air Pollution Analysis
  • Leak Detection Systems
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Combustion Engine Studies
  • On-site Purity Gas Analysis
  • Monitor gases in Hydrogen cooled Turbine
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